Sky Contact Number: 0800 151 2747

The best contact number for Sky is often considered to be 0800 151 2747 because it’s a reliable freephone telephone number, however, there are plenty of other numbers via which you can call Sky too. Call now to contact Sky TV, Sky Broadband or Sky Talk customer services with general enquiries, complaints or technical support requests.

The Sky Customer Service department has many helplines but they mostly point towards the same phone menu system. The freephone contact number 0800 151 2747 is just one example. Advisors on this helpline can troubleshoot your TV, home phone and broadband internet connectivity problem, provide information on Sky’s latest & greatest services and help you change your account details. Sky Broadband and Sky TV customers, as well as customers who require general customer service advice, should contact these helplines as a first point of call for instantaneous support.

If you are a Sky Talk customer then you can dial the prefix 0300 412 and then add the correct numbers to connect you to the exact department that you need. For example, add 553 if you need troubleshooting advice; 554 if you want to join Sky Talk or upgrade your package; 556 to cancel your Sky Talk service; and 557 to downgrade your package.


If you’re not entirely satisfied with your Sky TV, broadband or telephone service, you may be considering switching to a rival company such as BT (the traditional choice) or TalkTalk (a slightly more adventurous option). In such a scenario, it is recommended that you still phone the Sky customer service helpline and state that you’re about to leave unless they can convince you otherwise – this tactic can easily help you secure a rare ‘loyalty’ discount deal on your Sky TV & Broadband package to avoid the need for actual cancellation of your current Sky service.