Universal Credit Contact Number: 0345 600 4272

The Universal Credit general enquiries phone number 0345 600 4272 is ideal for anyone looking to contact a DWP representative about an existing claim, or for technical support when logging into an online journal to check the date of an upcoming Jobcentre appointment.


Universal Credit Number – 0345 600 4272

Universal Credit is a benefit provided by the Department for Work and Pensions, replacing six means-tested benefits and tax credits, such as Jobseeker’s Allowance and Income Support. As the benefit is rolled out across Jobcentres throughout the UK, you should phone the Universal Credit helpline number 0345 600 4272 to check whether you currently reside within a catchment area. You should also contact the DWP on their Universal Credit enquiries number to enquire whether your current circumstances will entitle you to the benefit and if so, discuss the rates that you will able to claim. However, you will need to complete your application in person and can contact the Universal Credit team to ask for the location of your nearest Jobcentre before booking an appointment over the phone. By this token, you may wish to get in touch with enquiries about the documentation you will need to provide in order to prove your household costs and income.

If you already receive Universal Credit, you can contact the general enquiries office for technical support with your online account. For instance, you will be able to check your next payment date or update your ‘to do’ section as outlined in your online journal. It is essential that claimants get in touch to cancel an upcoming Jobcentre appointment if they are unable to attend on the scheduled date. Otherwise, they will be issued a sanction and will no longer be able to receive their next payment of the benefit. However, if you are facing particular financial difficulty then you may be able to ask for an advance on your next Universal Credit payment on this number. Alternatively, you can discuss the possibility of applying for a Budgeting Loan, which is provided by the government, however this will deduct your repayments from your future benefit allowance. Finally, you should ensure to report a change of circumstances that affect your eligibility to claim the benefit on the telephone number listed above.


Cost of Calling the Helpline

Using a local contact number, the Universal Credit enquiries office will charge callers the same standard per-minute rate as any other geographic call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, the Universal Credit number will be free to call if you have any inclusive minutes bundled with your mobile tariff or if your landline deal provides unlimited free calls to local numbers. The Universal Credit call centre line is available to be contacted during the opening hours of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday but is closed on weekends and UK bank holidays.


Local Jobcentre Locator

If you have been given an appointment in order to complete your Universal Credit application or to provide evidence in support your claim, then you may wish to double-check the address and contact details of your local Jobcentre using the GOV.UK Jobcentre Plus Locator.